John Slavin Art

Portfolio: 7. The Peaks of the Three Stars

Mountain landscapes of the Pyrenees

The Peaks of the Three Stars

In the peaceful rolling valley of Sansa the church spire stands. Deep pine wooded sides catch the light. The viewer is framed in a lattice of pine. There is a timeless pilgrim on the path. The peaks themselves are blue and midsummer snow rests there.

Acrylic on canvas
80cm x 80cm
Can be seen at John Slavin Morningside

Dusk Madres

High on the side of Madres we look south into night on the Pyrenees Orientales. At this altitude the massive pines become dwarves. This is midnight at midsummer.

Acrylic on canvas
60cm x 60cm
Can be seen at

Pic de Saint-Barthelemy

In the foreground the first ferns of summer sprout while in the distance the mountain is still snowy. Peaceful valleys roll between.

The painting is available from

Acrylic on canvas
61cm x 61cm

Can be seen at Tyrrell Art Gallery

From the Col d'Agnes

Beneath a summer sky of pure cerulean blue jagged rocks and snow fields descend in crevice either side of the central gold brown mountain. A Chinese brush has been used to effect the detail, loose yet accurate, of this mountain group seen across a chasm of space from a high foreground. Yellows, greens and vermillions are presented where overpainting is almost indistinguishable from first thought.

Oil on canvas
66cm x 81cm
Can be seen at Taigh na Teud