John Slavin Art

Comments from Exhibition Guests

Unbelievable talent sure one day the name John Slavin will be known worldwide.  (Mandy)

These paintings are true in respect that there is more to an object or scene that is far beyond its visual aspect.  (Cyril)

Beautiful, beautiful paintings -- 'Cascade de la Moulin, Fourtou' will give us both a lot of pleasure for many years to come!  (Looking forward to the next exhbiition!) (Roger & Joanna)

Beautiful show -- it brought back poignant memories of the Pyrenees and the Cathar country. (Peter and Pauline)

Energising!  Will be back to study them again!  (Syliva)

Exceptional high class new form of Impressionism, the light form are fantastic!  (Garry, creative artist)

Different and that makes them special!  (Harry and Paula)

We are here to visit from Canada.  We love the colours!  (Stella)

Enjoyed seeing your work and seeing you too.  Brilliant!!!  (Chrissie and Al)

Wonderful and original work, a joy to behold! (David & Alison)

Popped in and thought it was brilliant!!  -- especially 'Low Sun over Montsegur' -- appreciated it very much.  (Hugh)

Je me voyais pas la France aussi coloree!  (Alex)

Your images immediately jumped out at me.  The colour, composition, complexity, raw energy, joy of life, joy of paint and painting, honesty and personal interpretation of nature, all spoke to me. (Laure, New Mexico)

Images of the natural world will affect us on a variety of levels and your work offers great scope for students to explore their own connection with nature.  (Hugh, lecturer in reflexology and Chinese medical philosophy)

My partner and I bought the 'Nocturne Pic de Fourcat' from Doubtfire a year ago and it is one of the most captivating, atmospheric and downright beautiful pictures I have ever had the pleasure to live with and get to know and treasure.  (Colin)