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Portfolio: 6a. Gorges de l'Aude

The Road through the Gorge suite 2015
La Fajòla

La Fajòla

The sun is setting on an evening after the equinox, beyond the high peaks of the Eastern Pyrenees. In the Langue d'Oc 'La Fajòla' may be associated with that bundle of sticks known as the faggot. This faggot was put in the service of the Inquisition in the burning of heretics and so the place may be either the site of such burnings or, conversely, a place of refuge. The colours in the painting are based on black. In my many visits to the viewpoint, I have seen the intensity of the setting sun paint the trees red, bent to lift the bells of flowers in blue and felt the flame of life itself in the refuge of study and painting.
The painting is available at Tyrrell Art Gallery

Acrylic on canvas
60cm x 60cm

Can be seen at John Slavin Morningside