John Slavin Art

Portfolio: Mayfair The Artists' Pool

Untitled exhibition

Notre Seigneur de Tate Moderne

Our Lord of the Tate Modern, hermaphrodite Christ, crosses the London Bridge over a river of dreams.

Acrylic on canvas
70cm x 50cm
Can be seen at 54 The Gallery

Hector and the Baby Jesus

Juxtaposition of the Iliad and the New Testament. Hector in a high-rise awaits the knock on the door from Achilles while cradling infant Divinity.

Acrylic on canvas
61cm x 50cm

The Sculptors of the Unicorn

The king and his sculptors on the occasion of the completion of his two unicorn statues. Set in Edinburgh High Street at the Netherbow.

Oil on canvas
90cm x 60cm