John Slavin Art

Portfolio: Lockdown Paintings March-June 2020

Myth and Wonder tale
Off to the World's End

Off to the World's End

Waverley Station, Edinburgh is the artist's new setting for the late Traveller storyteller Duncan Williamson's wonder tale 'Jack and the Water from the World's End'. Characters from the story group to find the curative water at the end of the world -- Portobello. There is bearded Jack, who will get the cure for his beloved mother; the Wee King who flies with royal status and amibition; the African, Wicked Queen who has a great propensity for uplifting love; the wee Hunchback commuter on the bridge; and the cowardly Giant much reduced in scale. The intrepid believe in their cure, have the will to find it and to be transformed.

Acrylic on canvas
80cm x 100cm
Can be seen at The Dundas Street Gallery