John Slavin Art

Portfolio: Lockdown Paintings March-June 2020

Myth and Wonder tale
Hylas and the Nymphs

Hylas and the Nymphs

A contemporary version of the Greek myth which inspired the painting Hylas and the Nymphs by John William Waterhouse 1896. The painting was gifted by the artist to Manchester Art Gallery but temporarily removed in 2018 when critics claimed that 'the Myth had lost its relevance today.' Re-working the theme where the young lover of Hercules was lured into the pool occupied by Naiads; the new Hylas is perceived as the artist himself on a railway platform at Haymarket Station, Edinburgh, the object of desire sighted by Naiads which occupy railway carriages.

Acrylic on canvas
80cm x 100cm
Can be seen at The Dundas Street Gallery