John Slavin

Portfolio: 1. New Work March-June 2020

Lockdown Paintings of Myth and Wonder tale


A contemporary version of the Easter crucifixion. The setting is the cineplex at Edinburgh Viewforth. The electricity pylon contains many yantras or geometrical frames within frames. The architecture of the cineplex is expanded and deepend to contain the railway where figures, treated blankly as if migrating souls are present, also has an elevator. The couple playing dice are my treatments of the Roman soldiers at the foot of the Cross; one player is Congolese and smokes a short pipe of grass. His opponent is a white woman film star. Since lockdown the cineplex has been, like the skies, deserted. Who could have foreseen such a fall of the dice, and whose presence is seen in sixteen empty Edinburgh cinemas? I have chosen the Christ Child's. An image which plays with more traditional crucifixion.

Acrylic on canvas
80cm x 100cm
Can be seen at John Slavin Morningside