John Slavin

Portfolio: 1. New Work March-June 2020

Lockdown Paintings of Myth and Wonder tale
Ariadne and Bacchus

Ariadne and Bacchus

Contemporary interpretation of the classic Greek myth. The painting is a re-working of Titian's Bacchus and Ariadne, 1522-1523. Dionysus is a small boy on a small bike and Ariadne a black puppet or doll, perhaps. In the sky is Corona Borealis, the ring of stars given Ariadne as a wedding present; now associated with the coronavirus-19 lockdown. The moment is optimism, hope and colour caught in the heavens in the lasso of Corona Borealis. Just as Ariadne has been deserted by her betrothed Theseus, Ariadne in act of waving farewell finds herself in the company of her new husband-to-be Bacchus (or Dionysus). The entourage of Bacchus are clourfully inflated; the headgear representing the head of mortal humanity engaged for birth.

Acrylic on canvas
70cm x 50cm
Can be seen at John Slavin Morningside