John Slavin

Portfolio: 1. New Work March-June 2020

Lockdown Paintings of Myth and Wonder tale
Babel Tower

Babel Tower

The painting seeks to step where the master Pieter Bruegel the Elder in The Great Tower of Babel, 1563, has left his indelible footsteps, toward that annexation of childhood, myth and 'the word' by using anachronism. In a contemporary re-working, Babel Tower has fallen, but the tourists and commuters of Babel are oblivious and carry on their departures and arrivals with disregard. The painting symbolises the collapse of social organisation, while internet still communicates the threat of complete breakdown haunts the rainbow stone walls of Babel. The function of the state is now radically compromised, as has been the case with Covid-19.

Acrylic on canvas
80cm x 100cm
Can be seen at John Slavin Morningside